Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shifting Conflicts: September 30, 2015

Focus: How do the characters' conflicts shift because of their surroundings?

1. Warming up with a focus on conflicts, both internal and external

Try finishing these sentences:

So far, Amir's greatest external conflict is with _________________.

So far, Amir's greatest internal conflict is with _________________.

2. Reading Chapter 11 together and trying to finish at least two of the following statements (these can be entries in your reading journal/annotations if you wish):

In America, Baba's greatest external conflict is with ________________.

In America, Baba's greatest internal conflict is with _________________.

In America, Amir's greatest external conflict is with ________________.

In America, Amir's greatest internal conflict is with _________________.

3. Learning the vocabulary from Chapters 1-6

Round 1

1. Something you might find in an affluent household.
2. An unscrupulous celebrity.
3. A food you disdain
4. An example of unruly behavior in the classroom
5. A trend that is fleeting

Round 2

1. A store where an impeccably dressed person might shop
2. Something you might implore your parents to buy for you
3. Something you would say to feign happiness
4. An animal that makes you feel trepidation
5. A viable excuse for missing curfew

1. Prepare for tomorrow's fishbowl by reading and annotating Chapters 11 and 12. Fishbowl leaders should finish this reading tonight so that they have time to prepare a syllabus. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ CHAPTER 13 YET.

2. Start studying for Friday's vocabulary quiz over Chapters 1-6; we will review these words tomorrow with a little game.

3. Keep bringing your annotations/journals to class so that they can be checked off.

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