Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Can It Be Both? Using Multiple Strategies To Find Multiple Meanings: Sep 1, 2015

Focus: How do we combine multiple reading strategies to develop multiple meanings?

Please put the following activity in your "Class Activities" document in your 
Reading Boot Camp folder.

1. Warming up by rereading the ending and brainstorming symbols in "The Yellow Wallpaper"

2. Exploring the multiple meanings of these symbols
  • What's one symbol in the story you find important?
  • Find at least four passages in the story that describe that symbol and highlight/underline them.
  • Pull out specific words and phrases from those passages that describe that symbol, and do some web brainstorming (see sample on the board).
  • Add at least one piece of background knowledge on the rest cure, the author, and/or postpartum depression to your web brainstorming. How does it fit?
  • What patterns can you find? Try to group the descriptions, just as we did with poems.
  • What larger understanding of the story does it help create?  Form a thesis statement that looks something like this:
    • The (insert symbol here) in Perkins' "The Yellow Wallpaper" represents _____________________, but it also symbolizes _____________________.

2. Extending our thinking by creating Level 3 questions and posting the best of the best on the blog (with a partner)

3. Introducing you to the world of noredink.com

  • Setting up your accounts: 
    • 1st hour class code is heme9ehc
    • 3rd hour class code: x7em8a4w
  • Playing around on the website
  • Time to start your first assignment: Apostrophes 1

1. Tomorrow morning I will be grading your "Yellow Wallpaper" reading journals; be ready to turn them in tomorrow (or make sure they're in your English 10 Google folder). 

2. Start working on your first NoRedInk assignment (Apostrophes 1), which is due Thursday; the QUIZ is on Friday, but you'll be happy to know that all quizzes are open-note.

3. Bring your independent reading book to class on Friday.

4. If you're planning on purchasing your own copy of The Kite Runner, you will need it next Monday.

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