Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dark Foreshadowing: September 22, 2015

Focus: How does Hosseini let us know that something catastrophic is about to happen in The Kite Runner?

1. Warming up with best questions from Chapters 4 and 5

2. Using Henry's books for a mini lesson on foreshadowing; reading Chapter 6 together with a focus on foreshadowing:

What clues does Hosseini drop along the way to set us up for Chapter 7? 
Pick at least TWO categories to trace (your journal/annotations today will focus on this).
  • Weather
  • Characterization
  • Actions
  • Dialogue
  • Symbols
3. Exploring an overview of fishbowl discussions and signing up

1. Please read and annotate/complete a reading journal entry for Chapters 7 and 8 by Thursday; I will be checking annotations throughout the week, so make sure they are up to date and with you each day in class.

2. Complete your www.quizlet.com vocabulary cards for Chapters 1-6 by tomorrow.

3. This Friday, September 25, marks two important deadlines for this class:

  • Final drafts of the summary-response are due in Turnitin.com (we will set up your accounts tomorrow) by 3:00 pm. Remember that final drafts are, in fact, final and cannot be revised.
  • Any revised work/retaken quizzes are due by the end of this day. You may use class time on Friday to revise journals or retake quizzes. If you requested to retake a quiz in the letter you wrote on Friday, your quiz is waiting for you in www.noredink.com.

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