Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Distinguishing Between Objective and Subjective: Sep 9, 2015

Focus: How can we develop our objective and subjective skills to form topic sentences?

1. Warming up: Is it objective, or subjective?

Summary = objective

Response = subjective

2. Reviewing the summary-response essay, then working on your pre-writing document

  • Please create a new folder called "(Your Last Name) Kite Runner."
  • Place your Kite Runner folder inside your English 10 folder.
  • Place your pre-writing document inside your Kite Runner folder.

3. Exploring the possibilities for your topic sentences and doing a quick demo together

1. Finish your pre-writing document if you did not finish in class.

2. Compose your summary topic sentence and your response topic sentence. Please make sure these are in a document called "Your last name Summary Response," which should be inside your new Kite Runner folder, which should be inside your English 10 folder. Yeah!

3. By Thursday, complete the new www.noredink.com assignment,"Leading Into (Embedding) Quotations."

4. Independent reading if you assigned some to yourself.

5. Remember that September 25 is the end of the first 6 weeks, and this is when any make-up work/revisions must be submitted (reading journals, grammar quizzes, etc.).

If anyone wants a head-start, The Kite Runner reading schedule is linked HERE and on the class website.

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