Friday, September 11, 2015

Reading and Leading (into Quotations): Sep 11, 2015

Focus: What do we need to know to start our paragraph of response?

1. Warming up with a quick yet enjoyable mini lesson on leading into quotations

2. Taking the quiz: "Leading Into (Embedding) Quotations" when you are ready

3. Relaxing into your independent reading book (20-25 min) OR working on your essay

4. Figuring out the basic structure of the response and taking time to begin yours
  • Topic sentence
  • Three pieces of evidence/quotations (from the article or elsewhere)
    • Each one should have a lead-in and citation
    • One-two sentences after each quotation explaining how it supports the topic sentence
  • One possible structure: 1st Claim => Counterclaim => 2nd Claim/Rebuttal to Counterclaim
  • Another possible structure: 1st Claim => 2nd Claim => 3rd Claim
  • Concluding sentence

1. Finish the first half the response for Monday; complete your entire rough draft by Tuesday.

2. Independent reading.

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