Thursday, September 10, 2015

Drafting Out to Sea: September 10, 2015

Focus: How can we strengthen our topic sentences and start drafting our essays?

1. Warming up with what we do NOT want our summary-responses to sound like:

2. Peer editing each other's topics sentences with the English 10 rubric; revising our topic sentences

3. Exploring the structure of a sample summary-response and highlighting three lines from your article that you plan to use in your response (look to your reading journal first)

4. Working your rough draft
  • Please start a new Google doc for your draft, label it "Your Last Name Summary-Response." and place it inside your Kite Runner folder.
  • If you finish your summary in class, start on the response.
  • See essay timeline attached here (and given out in class).

1. Bring your independent reading book to class tomorrow, as well as any questions you have about leading into (embedding) quotations.

2. Finish composing your summary and start working on your paragraph of response.

3. Independent reading.

4. Sep 25 is the end of 6 weeks. You know what to do, kids.

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