Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Editing for Content: September 15, 2015

Focus: How can I strengthen the content of my summary and response?

If you chose a conference over written feedback, please sign up for a conference; the sign-up sheet is on my desk.

1. Warming up with 3GT and telling your editors what you need help with

2. Editing your summary-response drafts for content (click HERE for the editing slides)

3. Making revisions based on today's feedback

4. Explanation of Kite Runner vocabulary and www.quizlet.com

1. Continue revising and developing your rough draft; tomorrow will be our last day of in-class editing.

Postponed: 2. By Friday, finish your Kite Runner vocab cards (using Quizlet, a different vocab app, or good old-fashioned index cards) for the first 15 words of the following list: Chapters 1-6 .

(Throughout most of The Kite Runner, we will be learning vocabulary instead of grammar.)

3. Independent reading.

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