Thursday, September 17, 2015

Into Afghanistan We Go: September 17, 2015

Focus: What does it mean to ask a great question, and how can this help me understand the opening pages of The Kite Runner?

Please make sure you have a copy of the reading schedule for The Kite Runner (or click here).

1. Warming up by introducing yourself to some words you'd like to know:
2. Introducing three levels of questioning; please click HERE to read and discuss the explanation, then check out the questions below and decide if they're level one, two, or three questions.

What is a Hazara?

What does Hassan's physical's description represent about his social status?

Why do societies always need a scapegoat?

3. Reading the opening pages of The Kite Runner together with sticky notes or a reading journal; pausing to write, ask aloud, and discuss your level one and level two questions; if you're ready, try to make some inferences as well.

1. By the end of class tomorrow, finish reading and annotating Chapters 1, 2  and 3 of The Kite Runner; annotate by asking level 1 and 2 questions using sticky notes or a reading journal; when you can, try to answer some of your questions. What reading strategies can you use to understand these opening chapters?

2. Continue working on your summary-response draft; final draft due September 25.

3. By next Wednesday, finish your Kite Runner vocab cards (using Quizlet, a different vocab app, or good old-fashioned index cards) for the first 15 words of the following list: Chapters 1-6 .

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