Thursday, September 3, 2015

Revising the Pre-Assessment: Sep 3, 2015

Focus: How can we use Critical Reading Boot Camp to improve our analytical paragraphs?

Please make sure last night's homework (using your reading journal to interpret the film clip) is in your Critical Reading Boot Camp folder. If you handwrote it, please turn it in.

1. Warming up by finding Icarus in yesterday's commercial: what does this myth have to do with the iPad Air?

Taking a  quick walk down memory lane...what strategies have we been trying out for the past two weeks? How can we use them on the Sexton poem?

2. Exploring a sample analytical paragraph and discussing its structure

3. Revising your own analytical paragraphs based on the strategies you've used over the past two weeks and the sample essay given in class today

4. Composing a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences) underneath your analytical paragraph in which you respond to the following questions:

  • What did you do differently this time in terms of reading the poem?
  • What did you do differently this time in terms of writing the paragraph?
  • How did those revisions improve your reading and writing?

1. Look over your assignment on Apostrophes and come to class with any questions you have; we will go over your questions in class tomorrow before we take the QUIZ.

2. Bring your independent reading book to class.

3. Interested in revising your first round of reading journals? Hand your blue rubric back to me (along with your revised journal if it's handwritten) when you're ready for me to regrade it. Please come in for help whenever you need it.

4. If you're planning on purchasing your own copy of The Kite Runner, please do so by next Tuesday.

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