Sunday, January 3, 2016

We're Baaaaaack! English 10: January 5, 2016

Focus: How do we set ourselves up for growth this semester in English 10?

1. Warming up with 3GT (or maybe 4 or 5 good things?)

2. Exploring this semester's course overview and expectations while highlighting three strengths/areas of interest and three weaknesses/areas of concern

3. Using the course overview and expectations to create highly individualized evaluations
  • If you haven't done so yet, fill out the course evaluation for Ms. Leclaire's class from last semester. Feel free to steal/modify any questions for your own evaluation.
    • 1st hour: Click HERE for the evaluation.
    • 3rd hour: Click HERE for the evaluation.
  • Create an evaluation that I will fill out to give you personalized feedback. You will also take your own survey as a means of self-reflection. Here are the guidelines:
1. It must have 10 questions.

2. The questions cannot be short answer. They must be multiple choice or on a number scale.

3. The questions must pertain to aspects of you that I see in English 10. Think about inviting feedback that I don't typically give you on essays or reading journals.

4. At least one question must be related to an aspect of yourself that you see as a weakness. 

5. Use the course expectations to inspire your questions. Look over these carefully as you create your evaluation.

6. Call this "_________ (Last Name) Evaluation" and send it to yourself and to me.
[If you're new to this class, also share your English 10 folder with me at]

7. Be sure to take the survey yourself to reflect on your own growth as a learner.

8. Sign up for a five-minute conference with me to discuss your evaluation and set goals.

4. Entering the superstitious world of Macbeth with your grid groups

Topic #1: How superstitious are you? Try out some (or all) of the topics below to get started.

Do you believe in beginner's luck?

Do you avoid stepping on cracks?

Do you refuse to open umbrellas indoors?

When you blow out your birthday candles, do you make a wish?

Before a big sports game, performance, test, etc., do you perform some kind of ritual or carry a good luck charm?

Do you try to avoid the number 13?

Do you ever knock on wood?

When you see a penny, do you pick it up for good luck?

Do you believe that bad things happen in threes?

Do you consider yourself to be a superstitious person?

Topic #2: Why do you think we have superstitions? Where might they come from, and we do we (or don't we) like to believe in them?

Topic #3: What weird, superstitious stuff can you find out about Macbeth? For example, why won't people in the theatre business refer to this play by its name? Discuss some of the "incidents" that have played into this superstition. Also, Roman Polanski produced one of the most famous film versions of this play. What horrific event happened just before he created this film?

At the bottom of the grid: Based on your research so far, make a prediction: I think that Macbeth is about...

1. If you need more time to complete your evaluation AND TAKE IT YOURSELF, please finish up tonight.

2. Please ask your parents to read and sign the course overview and expectations; signed sheet due Thursday.

3. If you are planning on purchasing your own copy of Macbeth, I recommend the versions with a modern English "translation"next to the "Shakespearean," such as No Fear Shakespeare. If you're using a school copy, BRING STICKY NOTES TO CLASS.

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