Thursday, January 14, 2016

Manipulated Macbeth: January 14, 2016

Focus: To what extent is Macbeth manipulated, and to what extent are his evil plans his fault?

1. Warming up: Introducing you to your new favorite teacher page

2. Finishing Act 1 and attempting to understand Lady Macbeth's manipulative skills
  • What makes Lady Macbeth so untrustworthy/deceptive?
  • Specifically, what techniques does she use to manipulate Macbeth?
  • How would you describe Macbeth in these scenes?
3. Interpreting the film version of Macbeth

In your in-class work doc, please try out the following task:

  • Find two symbolic choices made by the director.  Consider the actors, colors, objects, movements, and anything else that involved the director making a specific choice in turning this play into a film.
  • Why do you think he made these choices?
  • What did the film specifically help clarify for you?
1. How about those word traces?  I will be leaving you feedback over the weekend; you should have at least one entry, but hopefully you have more. By the end of the play you need 8-10 entries.

2. Short QUIZ on capitalization tomorrow.

3. Banned book proposal, signatures, and actual book due tomorrow.

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