Monday, January 11, 2016

The Power of Prophecy: January 11, 2016

Focus: Whom do we trust, and what do we believe?

1. Warming up with a few glimpses of your own future

a. Considering some (im)possible prophecies
  • Each of you will receive a slip of paper with "a prophecy." 
  • Create a two-columned chart on your in-class work Google doc with "believable" on one side and "unbelievable" on the other side. 
  •  As we pass around the slips of paper, decide whether or not you find each "prophecy" believable. Write them in the appropriate columns.
  • Look at a list of possible "prophets"; which prophets are believable, and which are unbelievable?
b. Grid Group Discussion: 

Topic #1: Which ones were believable and why? Which ones were unbelievable and why? What do we like to believe in?

Topic #2:  Looking back to 1.3, how does Macbeth respond to the witches' prophecies? Why does he respond this way? How does Banquo respond to the witches' prophecies? Why? How would you have responded?

Topic #3: What is the very first thing Macbeth says? Why is it significant? What does it suggest about the relationship between the witches and Macbeth?


4. Act out 1.4 and 1.5
What do these scenes suggest about trust and deception?

1. Complete word trace entries for each time your word has appeared in Act 1 so far.

2. Banned book proposal and signatures due this Friday (see yellow handout or link on "Calendar: Semester at a Glance"). You should also bring a copy of your banned book.

3. Just a heads-up: Tomorrow we will have a Noredink assignment on capitalization with a "quiz" on Friday.

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