Friday, January 15, 2016

What Makes Something Worth Reading? January 15, 2016

Focus: How can directorial choices deepen your understanding of Shakespeare?

Please have your signatures and banned book proposals on your desks.

1. Warming up with a few quick refreshers on capitalization

2. Putting your brain to the test by taking quiz on capitalization

3. Diving into your banned book with this question in mind: Should this book be banned? If not, what makes it worth reading/teaching? What parts make (or made) it controversial?

4. Finishing the film version of Act 1 with same focus as yesterday:

In your "In-class Work" document, please try out the following tasks:
  • Find two symbolic choices made by the director.  Consider the actors, colors, objects, movements, and anything else that involved the director making a specific choice in turning this play into a film.
  • Why do you think he made these choices?
  • What did the film specifically help clarify for you?
Please turn in your yellow focus and participation sheets.

1. Spend at least thirty minutes reading your banned book.

2. Finish your Act 1 word trace entries and keep an eye our for my feedback.

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