Thursday, January 7, 2016

And the Curse Is Cast: January 7, 2016

Focus: How do the witches infect all of Act 1?

1. Warming up: Performing a close reading of a witchy, witchy picture, revisiting the first scene of the play, and explaining how participation works for this unit

2. Introducing the Macbeth word trace (handout and example given in class)

3. Performing Act 1, Scenes 2 through 3

Directions: Each time you find a speech, a line, or even a word that responds to any of the questions below, please mark it with a sticky note.

The basics:
  • What do we learn about Macbeth? What kind of guy are we dealing with here?
  • What do we learn about the other characters?
  • Which things happen by chance, and which things happen by choice? In other words, what is determined by the characters' actions, and what seems out of their control?

The big, deep question:
  • Respond to the focus question: How do the witches infect Act 1, scenes 2 and 3? Try to find at least two specific moments in which you see the infection spreading.
1. Read the yellow Word Trace handout; come in with any questions you have.
2. Got sticky notes?
3. Show up for your conference. They're awesome so far!

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