Thursday, January 28, 2016

And You're on in 3...2...1: January 28, 2016

Focus: How can performance help us understand important ideas in Act 3?

1. Warming up by prepping with your Acting Company (10 min)

Primary Objective: Help us understand your scene

Secondary Objective: Entertain us a bit, will you?

2. Enjoying performances while filling our your study guides / quizzes

3. Finishing this statement: In a word, Act 3 is really about...

4. If time allows, viewing the film version of Act 3 and discussing how Roman Polanski's version stacks up to yours

1. You will have a brief "quiz" tomorrow on active vs. passive voice.

2. Bring your banned book and reading logs to class tomorrow for reading time.

3. After watching and discussing Act 3, you should have at least five word trace entries. Use the Harvard Concordance link if you're having trouble finding your word.

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