Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is This a Blog I See Before Me? January 20, 2016

Focus: Can a good person commit an evil deed and still be a good person?

1. Warming up with two film versions of Macbeth's dagger hallucination
  • Quick background build-up: what is a hallucination? Why do we have them? Why might Macbeth have one at this point in the play?
  • In your notes, please write down one significant symbolic choice for EACH version.
  • Also, please write down a few ideas about the larger effect of the choice.  In other words, how do the directors' choices affect the way we perceive Macbeth in this scene?
  • Connect to yesterday: What does this scene have to do with good, evil, or conscience?

2. Acting out Act 2, scenes 2 and 3: Using your sticky notes, please take charge of the following (we'll do a practice round with 2.1):
  • If your card is a heart...please mark any lines that a show the goodness and/or guilt in a character's heart
  • If your card is a diamond..please mark and analyze the use of sounds in these scenes. These can be actual sounds in the stage directions and also sounds referenced in characters' speeches.
  • If your card is a club...please keep track of all references to nature (weather, birds, water, etc) and consider how nature reflects what's happening onstage. 
  • If your card is a spade...please keep track of all references to fear. What does each character fear, and how does this fear affect him or her?

3. Wrapping up by sharing your brilliant findings with the class and responding to our focus question

4. Updating word trace entries if time allow

1. Update your word trace entries for Act 2, scenes 1-3. By tomorrow, everyone should have at least three entries.

2. Complete your assignment (Capitalizing Ethnicities, Politics, and Things in Space) BEFORE class on Friday.

3. Bring your banned book to class Friday.

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