Friday, January 29, 2016

Reflecting on Act 3: January 29, 2016

Focus: How can performance deepen our understanding of Act 3?

1. Warming up with a musical mini lesson on active vs. passive voice

2. Understanding active vs. passive voice with a quiz

3. Reading your banned books; using your minutes log to complete the reading survey

4. Revisiting Act 3 with the film version and your grid groups and study guides:

  • Talk through the questions you each answered for each scene.
  • At the bottom of each page, try to identify one thing that seems to be shifting in the play (such as character attitudes, power, control, etc.).

1. Now that we have made our way through most of Act 3, you should have at least FIVE word trace entries. Use the Harvard Concordance link on the website if you need help locating your word.

2. Read your banned book.  They need to be finished by Feb 22 (it's about 3 weeks away).

3. If you did not do this in class please do this over the weekend: Using your reading log, complete the reading survey linked here

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