Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Very Superstitious: January 6, 2016

Focus: What does the opening scene of "The Scottish Play" reveal to us, and how does it relate to the superstitions surrounding the play?

Is your self-evaluation done? Did you take it? Did you sign up for a conference?

1. Warming up with a few dark inferences about Macbeth
  • Getting back together with your grid groups to finish Topic #3: What weird, superstitious stuff can you find out about Macbeth? For example, why won't people in the theatre business refer to this play by its name? Discuss some of the "incidents" that have played into this superstition. Also, Roman Polanski produced one of the most famous film versions of this play. What horrific event happened just before he created this film?
  • Finishing this statement at the bottom of your grids: In a word or two, Macbeth seems to be about...
INTERMISSION: Wait, how does Ms. Leclaire grade our participation during a Shakespeare unit such as this glorious one? Click HERE for the answers you seek.

2. Interpreting three versions of Macbeth's opening scene:

  • Describe the three witches’ physical appearance in each film.
  • Describe the setting of each film; what effects does the setting have on the tone (the emotional undertone) of the film?
  • What are they saying? Which words strike you?
  • What do you think is happening in this scene?
  • Try to find one symbol in each scene and make an inference/form a question about what it might represent.
3. Reading 1.1 together with questions and interpretations

(Note to class: I need a thunder guy.)

Sticky note challenge:
(1) Ask one good question.
(2) Make one observation about the way the witches speak.

1. BRING STICKY NOTES TO CLASS (unless you're purchasing your own copy, in which case, bring that to class).

2. Signed class syllabus due tomorrow (Thursday).

3. Show up for your conference; make sure your evaluation and your responses to your own evaluation are complete to your satisfaction before your conference, please. Conferences are worth 20 points.

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