Friday, January 22, 2016

Over the Edge: January 25, 2016

Focus: What pushes a person over the edge?

1. Warming up by testing your understanding of ideas in Act 2

2. Discussing symbolic choices in the film and finishing the film version of Act 2

3. Setting up Act 3 for your acting companies:

a. Reading all scene summaries
b. Deciding on a plot level and a deeper meaning level what each scene is about

1. If you did not finish in class, finish reading all Act 3 scene summaries and establishing what each is about on a plot level and a deeper meaning level.

2. Check your word trace entries for feedback; continue adding to them as you read Act 3 (remember that by the end of the play, you should have 8-10 entries).

3. Log your minutes spent reading.

4. New exercises due before class on Fri: "Active vs. Passive Voice, Part 1"

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