Monday, December 14, 2015

Final Exam

Focus: How can we demonstrate our growth this semester as readers and writers?

1. Please make sure I have your A Long Way Gone annotations/journals; turn in your A Long Way Gone books to be checked in. If you don't have your book today, please give it to Ms. Cheney in Bookkeeping.

2. Start a new document called "________ (your last name) Winter Final"; place it inside your "Common Assessments" folder.

3. You may use your reading strategies bookmark and your hero's journey essay on this final exam, but other resources are not allowed.

a. Read through the poem a few times, marking it up for little clues--things that strike you.

b. Fill out your reading journal; use the middle column to piece together patterns and themes.

c. Develop a thesis that states a larger theme about the conflict these two texts share.

d. Circle two quotations from the poem that support your thesis.

e. Brainstorm two specific examples from KR or LWG that support your thesis.

f. Write the paragraph! Look to your hero's journey essay for refreshers.

g. Proofread it once or twice.

5. 1st Hour: Please click HERE for the course evaluation.

    3rd Hour: Please click HERE for the course evaluation.

Have an awesome winter break!

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