Monday, February 1, 2016

Baiting the Bear: February 1, 2016

Focus: What is shifting in Act 3, and why are these shifts significant?

1. Warming up with sporty thoughts:

It's a cool, sunny day outside. The following players are warming up for the big game (the sport is up to you):
Lady Macbeth
Banquo's ghost
The three witches
Malcolm and Donalbain

Imagine that you are the sports commentator. Describe how these characters behave and interact during the warm-up, as well as how they play during the game. 

2. Viewing Act 3 with a focus on the following questions (I simplified the questions created by your Acting Companies because there was some overlap):

Before you watch...
  • Heart: How is the dynamic between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth changing, and how does this affect our attitude towards Macbeth?
  • Spade: There are three witches and three murderers; in the original productions of the play, the same actors often played the witches and the murderers. What is the connection between the witches and the murderers?
  • Diamond: Why does it matter that Fleance got away?
  • Club: Why is Macbeth haunted by the ghost of Banquo but not the ghost of Duncan?
  • Everybody: Look up "bear baiting"; find a good description and add it to your in-class notes.
As you watch...
  • Comment on two symbolic choices (the bear baiting, how the ghost of Banquo is filmed, etc.).
  • Extra challenge: Try to connect those symbolic choices to the topics discussed above.

3. Discussing the film's choices, if time allows

1. Now that we have made our way through most of Act 3, you should have at least FIVE word trace entries. Use the Harvard Concordance link on the website if you need help locating your word. You will be receiving a GROWTH grade in the next few days on these five entries; please make sure that you have revised your entries based on my initial round of feedback.

2. Read your banned book.  They need to be finished by Feb 22 (it's 3 weeks away).

3. Complete your new assignment ("Active vs. Passive Voice, Part 2") before class on Friday.

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  1. i think that the bear baiting relates to this because Macbeth tells his acquaintances that they all have the same enemy just like the dogs all are supposed to get the bear.