Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wading Into Dover Beach: March 30, 2016

Focus: How does "Dover Beach" illuminate Bradbury's themes?

1. Warming up with Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach" (15 minutes)

1. Sensory imagery: What does this beach look like? What does it sound like? Feel like? Smell/taste like? Find an image that matches your mental picture of Dover Beach and leave it up on your computer.

2. Verbs: Which verbs strike you? What patterns emerge among the verbs?

1. Shifts: Where would you section this poem? Where does it seem to shift topics?

2. Metaphor: What's Dover Beach being compared to? What do these two things specifically have in common?

Multiple Meanings:
1. The End: What do you make of the last stanza? What's the lesson to be learned here?

2. Extension: Bradbury includes this poem in an upcoming scene in F451. Of all the poems in the world, why do you think he chose this one?

2. Learning Bradbury's vocabulary by entering the Part 2 words in

3. Reading and reflecting on tonight's reading assignment

1. By tomorrow, read through page 80 in F451. Leaders and discussers should prepare for Fishbowl.

2. If you're giving your presentation this Friday, April 1, you should be working on it this week.

3. Complete Day 3 of your seven-day challenge. Some of your charts are blank; remember that in order for your chart to be accurate, you must fill it out every single day rather than filling out the whole thing Sunday night (which I can see in your revision history).

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