Thursday, March 3, 2016

From Imagination to Innovation: March 3, 2016

Focus: How do we move from imagining future learning to inventing it?

1. Warming up by exploring the importance of innovation and the results of yesterday's survey

Can these changes be applied in the physical model for school we have? Or would we have to scrap everything?

Innovation: Coming up with new ideas of value and implementing them

2. Offering you my proposal as a think-aloud

3. Brainstorming, goal-setting, planning, and starting!

Click HERE for the proposal if you didn't make a copy of it yesterday.

Goal: Finish at least this sheet by the end of class; if you have a busy weekend (say, you're going to Vegas), try to get started on the research aspect of your mini-project.

Need a pep talk? Click here for MIT's list of current top innovators...who all happen to be under age of 35.

1. Essays due in by 3:00 pm today.

2. Complete the aspects of your mini-project that you assigned yourself. We will share on Wednesday, March 9.

3. Don't worry about your banned book speeches yet. Let's wrap up your essays and mini-projects first.

4. Make sure your parents/guardians know that I will be at conferences tonight from 4:00-6:00.

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