Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back to the Future, Bradbury Style: March 10, 2016

Focus: What kind of future did Bradbury create and why?

1. Warming up: Considering what should be banned and censored with a round of "Agree, Disagree, Unsure"

2. Considering why censorship concerned Bradbury, who was writing in the 1950s: If Fahrenheit 451 was his innovation, what prompted it?

Think Tanks:
Topic #1: What strikes you from these websites? What questions do you have?

Topic #2: What patterns do you notice about censorship? What inferences can you draw about life in the 1950s?

Topic #3: Do you think our current society censors less than the 1950s society did, or is our modern version of censorship just different?

3. Entering Ray Bradbury's vision of censorship in the future

4. Wrapping a few loose ends from yesterday:
  • Do I have hard copies of your rubrics?
  • Raise your hand if your project is in your partner's Google folder.
  • If you'd like a say in how much this project is worth and which category it belongs in, please take the 10-second survey linked HERE. You will need to be signed in.
  • Do you have a F451 folder, and is your reading proposal in it? Who needs stuff from me ASAP?

1. Finish reading through page 28 for class on Monday; complete the method of reading contemplation you established in your reading journal. 

2. We will sign up for modified fishbowl discussions tomorrow, so if you know you will be absent, you might ask a friend to sign you up.

3. Bring your banned book tomorrow so that we can get back to developing our speeches.

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