Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Restructuring the School Day: March 1, 2016

Focus: What kind of school day fosters creativity and learning?

1. Rapid-fire responding to yesterday's "What if...?" questions (5 min)

2. Discussing school schedules in think tanks:

Topic #1: What other types of school days are out there? Share your findings from last night.

Topic #2: What do you like about the structure of Arapahoe's school day? What don't you like? Is our school day conducive to creativity and learning?

Topic #3: Take a moment for each member of the group to develop his/her own "What if...?" question regarding the structure of the school day. Take this topic to pose and discuss those questions.

3. Reconsidering what learning looks like: What if learning looked like...?

4. Pulling together your ideas and creating your ideal school day

Please do this in your "School Day" doc.

How would your school day start? What does your ideal school like as you're walking in? What do you do first? What's your first class of the day? What are the halls like? Lockers? What does learning look like in your first hour class? What does the classroom look like? How long is your class? What happens next? Do you go right to 2nd hour? How do you get there? What does learning look like in second hour? Keep going...How many periods are there? Are there bells? What's lunch like? Etc, etc..

1. Spend 10-15 minutes continuing #4 on today's class blog.

2. Synthesis essays are due in www.turnitin.com by this Thursday (I'm extending your deadline by a day). Come in for conferences if you'd like extra help beyond the feedback I've left for you. Click HERE for the update regarding feedback. E-MAIL ME TODAY IF YOU'D LIKE MORE FEEDBACK ON SOMETHING SPECIFIC.

3. Please let your parents/guardians know that I will only be at conferences this Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00.

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