Monday, March 28, 2016

Are We Social or Antisocial? March 28, 2016

Focus: Living in a world full of digital social networks, are we social or unsocial?

1. Warming up with a survey about your relationship with technology/digital networks and a seven-day-challenge

2. Round-robin reading of four articles on binge watching, texting, Facebook, and spacing out

As you read, keep your Google doc F451 notes open and keep track of the following:
  • What are the main points of each article? Try to find one sentence you think is important and type it in your notes.
  • What do agree with in each article?
  • What do you disagree with in each article?
  • What question(s) does this article inspire?
3. Discussing our findings with our Think Tanks

Topic #1: Spend a little time going through your notes on the articles, discussing what you thought they were about, what you agreed with, and what you disagreed with.

Topic #2: What aspects of these articles did you find personally relevant? In other words, have you experienced what these articles are talking about, and/or have you seen it with your friends/family?

Topic #3: What connections can you make between these articles and Fahrenheit 451? Is our society different from theirs? What qualities do we share? What do you think Bradbury was seeing in his society that concerned him?

4. Responding to today's focus question on the class blog

1. Please read through page 63 to prepare for tomorrow's fishbowl discussion.

2. Work on your banned book speech if you're delivering yours this Friday, April 1.

3. Keep track of the individual challenge you've been given starting today; continue all the way through Sunday. Click HERE for the forms; copy the one that's relevant to you and keep it in your F451 folder (or print it out if that's easier).

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