Friday, March 11, 2016

To Ban or Not To Ban: March 11, 2016

Focus: What are the far-reaching effects of censorship?

1. Warming up with one statement from yesterday's high velocity brainstorming or from your grid group discussions

2. Going back to the future with Ray Bradbury: Reading the first ten pages of F451 together
  • What are learning about this future society?
  • How does Bradbury describe it?
  • What confuses you?
3. Returning to your banned book brainstorming/outlining and picking dates

4. Signing up for F451 fishbowl discussions

1. Read through page 28 in F451 by TUESDAY and complete whatever type of reading reflection you're doing. 

  • Please e-mail me ASAP if you're planning to conference with me regularly so we can establish a time. 
  • If you need the online version of the reading journal, it's linked the F451 page of my website.
  • If you'd like a study guide, click here.

2. Work on your banned book speech; IF ARE NOT READY TO GO ON YOUR ASSIGNED DATE (OR YOU DON'T SHOW UP FOR CLASS), YOU WILL RECEIVE HALF-CREDIT FOR YOUR SPEECH AT MOST. This is not to be mean; this is a real-world situation.

3. If you are a leader or discusser for one of next week's F451 discussions, I recommend getting ahead in the reading this weekend.

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