Monday, March 14, 2016

Understanding Bradbury: March 14, 2016

Focus: How can we understand Bradbury's language and purpose more fluently?

1. Warming up with a F451 vocabulary game
2. Reviewing fishbowl expectations; Tuesday's group may go into the hallway to work

3. Working on banned book speeches OR reading F451; how are you reading reflections going? Anybody want to switch it up?

1. Finish reading and reflecting on F451, pages 1-28 for tomorrow; fishbowl leaders and discussers need to be ready to go. REMEMBER TO PRINT A COPY OF YOUR SYLLABUS FOR ME.

2. Work on your banned book speech; remember that you if you're not ready for your date (or if you just don't show up), you can receive only half credit at most.

P.S. Any documents you need for this unit are likely on the class website.


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  2. Did clarisse have something to do with Mildred's suicide attempt?