Friday, February 12, 2016

Past, Present, and Future: February 12, 2016

Focus: What do I need to polish up from yesterday, for today, or for the fututre?

1. Warming up with a quick verb tense game

2. Optional: Retaking the active vs. passive voice quiz on

3. Banned book reading OR word trace (re)working

4. Composing a thesis statement on your word traces that combines your word with a larger theme

Thesis: In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the motif of _______________ (your word) to expose/encourage/criticize/suggest/assert that...(larger theme).

Sample thesis: In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the motif of blood to show that humans are not born evil; they develop it through an insatiable desire for power.

5. Viewing the film version of Act 5

1. All revisions, make-up work, grades that need to be changed, etc. due today.

2. Banned book reading (10 days left...and the countdown begins).

3. Final word traces due today.

Just a heads-up: We're going to be turning our timed writings into polished essays next week.

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