Thursday, February 4, 2016

Grammar, Banned Books and Witches...Oh My! February 5, 2016

Focus: What/whom should we trust, and how do we know?

1. Warming up: How using active voice can make you more trustworthy and responsible

Consider the following two e-mails:

Dear Ms. Leclaire,

My homework was not done on time. Can it still be turned in for credit?

--Lucius the Student

Dear Ms. Leclaire,

I did not do my homework on time. May I still turn it in for credit?

--Jon the Student

  • Which one is in the passive voice, and which is in the active voice?
  • Which student--Lucius or Jon--takes more responsibility for not getting his homework done?

2. Taking the quiz: Active vs. Passive Voice, Part 2

3. Relaxing into the world of your banned book (remember to keep an eye out for parts that help you understand why the book was banned, and/or why your book should not be banned)

4. Reading 4.2 with your Acting Companies and responding to the following questions in your in-class work docs:
  • Why might Shakespeare have the audience witness the murder of Lady Macduff and her son instead of having it happen off stage?
  • How does Lady Macduff compare/contrast to Lady Macbeth?
  • Take our your apparition charts from 4.1, and talk through the prophecies and Macbeth's reaction to them. Are there any paradoxes here?

1. Read your banned book (2 weeks left, kids).

2. Update your word trace entries for 4.2 if applicable. 

3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself: 

  • Have you finished Thursday's timed writing?
  • Have you finished your apparition chart?
  • Are your assignments and quizzes done?
  • Are you close to done with your banned book?
  • Are you getting close to 8-10 word trace entries?
  • Are you ready for the Super Bowl? To make sure, please click HERE.

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