Friday, February 19, 2016

Heightening Our Writing: February 19, 2016

Focus: How can I heighten, or bring to a new level, my written analysis?

1. Warming up with a little Friday goal-setting: In the next hour, I will...

2. Banned book reading, essay writing/revising, and thesis conferences (please have yesterday's rubrics out)

3. Checking on our lead-ins: Revising independently to make sure they're doing their two jobs

4. Developing my lead-outs, keeping the pyramid in mind:


CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE SYNTHESIS PARAGRAPH (it's on "The Ball Poem" and A Long Way Gone).

CLICK HERE FOR AN OUTLINE. The outline is completely optional but recommended if you're struggling to organize your essay.

1. Finish revising your thesis and lead-ins if necessary.

2. Finish drafting your lead-outs. On Monday, you will be receiving an attempt and completion grade for having a thesis, 3-4 quotations, lead-ins, and lead-outs. In other words, by Monday, this should look like a well-developed paragraph.

3. Finish your banned book.

4. Complete this week's assignment on FANBOYS by Friday, Feb 26.

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