Monday, February 22, 2016

The Draft: February 22, 2016

Focus: What small steps can we take to composed distinguished essays?

1. Warming up by aiming high: how do we get to the "Distinguished" category?

On the rubric, read the boxes in the "Distinguished" column.

Identity your essay's relationship with each box:

  • Put a star or smiley face (or something that makes you happy) by the ones you feel like you're meeting right now.
  • Put a question mark by the ones you don't really understand. Make sure you ask about these when we conference.
  • Put a minus sign or a contemplative face by the ones you definitely need to work on.

2. Reading through the sample essay together
  • With a partner, find one example of how this writer is distinguished in each category. 
  • Mark your findings on the essay itself and be prepared to share your findings.

3. Working on drafting and revising independently (tomorrow, we will peer edit)

  • Click HERE if you'd like an outline (optional).
  • Click HERE if you'd the online version of the sample essay.

1. For the essay timeline, click here.

2. Banned books should be complete by this point.

3. Please complete the FANBOYS assignment (it's not new--just the same one as last week); brief "quiz" on Friday.

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