Sunday, February 7, 2016

Macduff vs. Macbeth: February 8, 2016

Focus: What does it mean to lead a noble life? What does it mean to have a noble death?

"It is his capacity for self-scrutiny that makes Macbeth a worthy tragic subject. He never lies to himself about the nature of his deed, never rationalizes to justify his actions. Aware that he doomed, he pursues his damnation headlong to his own destruction." (Norrie Epstein)

1. Warming up by e-mailing Ms. Leclaire your three good things

2. WITH YOUR GRID GROUPS, making your way through the rest of Act 4 and the beginning of Act 5.

  • PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE DOC YOU WILL NEED TODAY. Make a copy of it in your Macbeth folder.
  • I will grade these tonight. They are worth 30 points in the growth category.

3. Watching Act 4 and the beginning of Act 5 in a different film version, if time allows, keeping track of important symbolic choices in your notes.

Click HERE for the film version: Act 4 starts around 1:24:30 (this is the BBC version; the Polanski version of Act 4 is too horrifying to show)

1. Final versions of your word traces are due this Friday at the latest. Remember that you should have at least eight entries.

2. Read your banned book; make sure you're on track to finish by Feb 22.

3. There is a assignment this week called "Verb Tenses" to help you understand active vs. passive voice. IF YOU RECEIVED A 17/20 OR BETTER ON LAST WEEK'S QUIZ, YOU ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS ASSIGNMENT. Also the only grammar quiz this Friday will be an optional retake on Active vs. Passive Voice. There will not be a quiz on verb tenses; this lesson is to help you with active vs. passive voice.

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