Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nobility in Battle: February 10, 2016

Focus: According to Shakespeare, what does it mean to lead a noble life? What does it mean to have a noble death?

1. Warming up with the lyrics of the Flobots and connecting them back to Macbeth's (self-?) destruction

2. Battling out the rest of Act 5 with a focus who lives, who dies, and why it matters:

In your in-class work document (or with sticky notes--your choice), keep a list of which characters die. For each one, discuss and write down...
  • How does the character die?
  • Is the death a "noble" one (think back to your brainstorming from last week)?
  • How is the manner of death is fitting for each particular character? Try to think of each death symbolically.
  • Which characters get to live, and why is significant that they survive?
3. If time allows, viewing and discussing Polanski's interpretation of Act 5

1. Final versions of your word traces are due this Friday at the latest. Remember that you should have at least eight entries.

2. Read your banned book; make sure you're on track to finish by Feb 22.

3. There is a assignment this week called "Verb Tenses" to help you understand active vs. passive voice. IF YOU RECEIVED A 17/20 OR BETTER ON LAST WEEK'S QUIZ, YOU ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS ASSIGNMENT. Also the only grammar quiz this Friday will be an optional retake on Active vs. Passive Voice. There will not be a quiz on verb tenses; this lesson is to help you with active vs. passive voice.

4. This Friday marks the end of six weeks; any make-up work and revisions must be completed by this Friday at 3:00 pm.

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