Monday, February 1, 2016

The Witches Are Back (But Not Ms. Leclaire): February 4, 2016

Focus: What larger patterns/themes emerge in the first three acts of Macbeth? 

Grading for this assignment: 

20 points for the reading journal
60 points for the essay (it's just one paragraph)
Both grades will be entered in the GROWTH category.

1. If you're going to handwrite the journal but type the essay, please create a new Google doc, call it "Timed Writing," and place it inside your Macbeth  folder. Be sure to turn in your handwritten journal at the end of class.

If you're going to type the journal and essay, please click HERE for the timed writing; make a copy of the Google doc, name it "Timed Writing," and place it inside your Macbeth folder.

2. Read the poem carefully, annotating it for the following:
  • Moments (interesting word choices, figurative language, unusual grammar, imagery, sounds, etc.)
  • Movements (places where ideas seem to shift)
  • Multiple meanings (patterns and themes)
  • Connections to the first three acts of Macbeth.

3. Fill in the reading chart with your five most significant observations; in the middle column, keep pushing towards patterns, themes, and connections to Macbeth.

4. Compose the essay, following the instructions. You can compose the essay on the SAME DOCUMENT you already called "Timed Writing" (just add onto it).

5. Click HERE for the rubric (it's the same one we used last semester).

1. Finish your timed writing if you did not finish in class.

2. Complete your assignment, Active vs. Passive Voice, Part 2, before class on Friday. We will have a warm-up and a brief quiz tomorrow.


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