Thursday, February 25, 2016

Make It New: February 25, 2016

Focus: How can we re-imagine school and our place in it?

1. Hitting "restart" (or "revision," "re-imagination," "renew," "realize," etc.): Renewing expectations we need to have in place to make this unit work.

New folder: Imagining/Inventing the Future

New doc inside that folder: Space

2. Rethinking our school's use of space (you can either write your responses or sketch, take a pic of your sketch, and upload it to your doc):
  • What do other schools look like? 
  • What kinds of learning do their physical spaces foster? How?
  • What appeals to you personally? Why?

Microsoft's School of the Future (Philadelphia)

Forest kindergarten (Switzerland)

India's School under a bridge

New Zealand's school with no rules

School lunch in Japan

Why does Finland have the best education system in the world?

10 most unusual schools

High pressure schools in South Korea

Elementary school kids imagining future schools

TED Talk on schools and 21st century skills

3. Taking a tour of Arapahoe:
  • What do our learning spaces look like (feel free to take pics)?
  • What kind of learning do they foster? How?
  • What appeals to you? Why?
  • What would you change? How? Why?
1. Take 15 more minutes to continue working on #3 (Arapahoe's physical spaces) OR to continue watching and responding to some of the links above.


3. Finish up your assignment on FANBOYS; brief "quiz" tomorrow.

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