Friday, February 26, 2016

Re-imagining Learning Spaces: Feb 26, 2016

Focus: How can we re-imagine the spaces where we learn?

1. Warming up a brief quiz on FANBOYS and commas: creating student-generated tips before we get going

2. Reading over your banned book problem and brainstorming ways to solve it

3. Watching New Orleans high school students have a "What if" discussion about school:
  • Write down something you hear that rings true for you.
Follow-up discussion: revisiting your thoughts on Arapahoe's learning spaces:
  • Describe at least five changes you'd make to the space you've chosen.
  • Why would you make those changes? How would it improve your learning/life?
  • Pick one person in your group to e-mail those to me.
1. Complete your banned book problem brainstorming by Monday; make sure it's in your English 10 folder and labeled so that I can find it.

2. Continue working on your second draft of your synthesis essay; keep an eye out for my feedback, and feel free to solicit help if you need it immediately.

3. Find (or draw) one image of your ideal physical learning space and save it in your "Space" doc. Here's my example of an ideal cafeteria:

Or maybe...

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