Thursday, October 29, 2015

You've Been Drafted: October 29, 2015

Focus: How do I start drafting?

1. Warming up with frequently asked questions about how to draft your book talk:

Question #1: What is this speech supposed to be about? I know I'm supposed to talk about my independent reading book, but...

Here's what it boils down to:
  • What three aspects of your book fascinated you the most?
  • Why?
  • Why should the audience care, too?

Question #2: Am I supposed to summarize my book?
  • You don't need to dedicate a significant portion of your speech to summarizing. Just give us what we need to understand your main points.

Question #3: What should I put on my slides?

Click here for an example of how NOT to use your slides.

My advice:
  • Use them sparingly.
  • Include a title slide.
  • Use them for emphasis or for things you can see but not say, like a picture or video.
  • Proofread them carefully.

2. Drafting the first part of your essay: reviewing the structure of a paragraph and putting it into action

Click HERE for an online version of the sample essay.

1.FIRST HOUR ONLY: Please go directly to the Forum tomorrow.

2. Homework for Monday: Finish the first half of your rough draft. For example, if you're discussing The Kite Runner first in your essay, then complete your analysis of your example from The Kite Runner.

3. Draft your speech at least a few days before presenting; this way, you'll have time to practice.

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