Friday, October 2, 2015

For 1st Hour Eyes Only: October 2, 2015

Focus: How can we strengthen our reading of The Kite Runner through vocabulary and a focus on how the past "claw[s] its way into the present"?

3rd Hour Only: Meet in the Forum. Bring something to write with and on.

1. Warming up with a vocabulary game (finally!)

Round 1

1. Something you might find in an affluent household.
2. An unscrupulous celebrity.
3. A food you disdain
4. An example of unruly behavior in the classroom
5. A trend that is fleeting

Round 2

1. A store where an impeccably dressed person might shop
2. Something you might implore your parents to buy for you
3. Something you would say to feign happiness
4. An animal that makes you feel trepidation
5. A viable excuse for missing curfew

2. Taking the quiz o' vocabulary, Kite Runner Chapters 1-6

3. Enjoying your independent reading book (or The Kite Runner)

4. Starting Chapter 13 together with the following focus for your annotations:

Find five lines/passages that show the past "clawing its way into the present," and create a journal entry/annotation for each.

1. We will finish Chapter 13 in class on Monday, but if you're leading fishbowl discussion, you may wish to get ahead. Remember that  our next fishbowl is Tuesday, and it will cover Chapters 14, 15, and 16.

2. Independent reading.

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