Monday, October 5, 2015

Married to the Past: October 5, 2015

Focus: Can Amir move forward?

1. Warming up with making some connections: Flipping through Chapter 12 with a focus on the Chapter 1 quotations below in blue...

2. Reading Chapter 13 with the following focus:

Find five lines/passages that connect to one or both of the following statements, 
and create a journal entry/annotation for each:

"...the past claws its way out" (1)

"There is a way to be good again." (2)

Alternative #1: Instead of creating annotations, you could draw a sketch that portrays how those two quotations infiltrate Chapter 13.

Alternative #2: You could also perform some creative writing, such as a poem, that conveys how those two quotations infiltrate Chapter 13.

3. First hour: Making vocabulary flashcards for Chapters 7-10 (quiz Friday)

    Third hour: Reviewing Chapter 1-6 vocabulary (quiz Wednesday)

1. Prepare for tomorrow's third fishbowl discussion by reading and annotating Chapters 14, 15, and 16 of The Kite Runner. Leaders should have hard copies of their syllabus printed before class (remember to print one for me).

2. Independent reading; this Friday will be your last day of in-class time for independent reading.

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  1. "It was presumptuous of me to just show up and ask you to drop everything...We'll go with you. We'll help you take care of the house." "Are you sure?" "Yes," (207). Is Hassan still in servant mode when Amir asked to come to America, or is he just that willing to help???