Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Homecoming: October 9, 2015

Focus: How can we grow as readers?

1. Warming up with an overview of book talks

2. Selecting from the options below:

Have you finished your independent reading book? If yes, start working on the brainstorming part of your book talk.

Are you almost done with your independent reading book? Perhaps now is the time to finish!

Are you worried about getting your homework done this weekend? Maybe this would be a good time to read Chapters 19 and 20 in The Kite Runner to prepare for MONDAY'S discussion.

3. Signing up for book talk dates

1. Please read Chapters 19 and 20 in The Kite Runner and complete your annotations/journal entries. Get ready to fishbowl on Monday.

2. Have a safe Homecoming weekend!

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