Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Approaching the End: October 21, 2015

Focus: What aspects of the final chapters do you find satisfying? Frustrating? Disappointing? Empowering? What images do you find most significant and why?

1. Warming up quickly: Look over yesterday's Level 3 questions on the blog, and respond to one of them with a thesis statement that incorporates Amir and another hero of your choosing. Include this in your hero's journey notes, on a sticky note, or in your reading journal.


Level 3 Question: Why must all heroes endure a near-death experience?

Amir from The Kite Runner and Batman from Batman Begins survive near-death experiences in order to prove that they possess godlike strength.

2. Reading the final chapters of The Kite Runner and conferencing with Ms. Leclaire

As you annotate, think about the focus questions at the top of this blog.

1. Finish The Kite Runner and your last round of annotations/journal entries for tomorrow's fishbowl. Click HERE if you need another page for your journal.

2. Look over vocabulary words for Chapters 7-10; we will take a "quiz" on Friday, but it's really an open-note exercise to expose you to more vocabulary.

3. Friday, we will be working on your book talks, so bring your independent reading books.

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