Monday, October 19, 2015

Answering the Call: October 19, 2015

Focus: What is the call to adventure, and why is it important to the hero's journey?

1. Warming up with my all-time favorite call to adventure

The call to adventure (3:10, 18:00)
  • What is the hero like as a little boy? How does he change as he gets older?
  • How is the hero called to adventure as a little boy, and then again as an elderly man?
  • Who is calling him to adventure?
  • What is the adventure?
  • Why does he refuse the call to adventure for so long?
  • Why does he finally accept, and how do you think it will change him?

  • What symbolic choices are you noticing in this scene?  Consider color, weather, and any other possible images that might carry symbolic weight.
  • How does the mentor in this scene define what the red pill and blue pill each represent?
  • Describe the "call to adventure" in this scene. Who is calling the hero, and why? What's the adventure?
  • When this hero accepts the call to adventure, what do we learn about his strengths?

Why is answering the call to action a crucial part of any hero's journey? What does it prove?

3. Applying the call to action to Amir's journey in The Kite Runner:
  • Find one specific page where you see Amir being called to adventure. Who is calling him to adventure, and what is the adventure?
  • Does Amir refuse the call? If so, why?
  • When Amir finally accepts the call, what's changing inside of him? What strengths is he developing?
4. Start reading Chapter 21 together

1. Please read and annotate Chapters 21 and 22 for tomorrow's fishbowl discussion.

2. Start preparing your book talk.

3. Vocabulary quiz this Friday on the next list of Kite Runner words: Chapters 7-10. I would suggest creating your flashcards by Thursday morning at the latest.

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