Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Writing with Structure and Freedom: April 26, 2016

Focus: How can we fortify our outlines with creativity and analysis?

1. Warming up by exercising your sensory imagery

a. Find the most intriguing word in your thesis. Look it up in Google images, and find an image that speaks to you and relates somewhat to your essay.

OR...if you're writing about a film, find a screenshot from that film that relates somewhat to the topic of your essay.

b. Write one sentence of plot description. What's this a picture of?

c. Pick three senses this image evokes (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). Write several senses evoking these three senses/using these three senses to describe the picture.

d. Write one sentence explaining how what you just described relates to the topic of your essay.

e. If you can use any of this writing in your introduction or conclusion, add it to your outline now.

2.  Recalling the close reading pyramid

3. Perusing my feedback and finishing your outlines (they're due at the end of class today)

1. Check your outline for feedback. If you have fallen behind, now is the time to catch up. Our timed writing will be this Friday, April 29.

2. If you are presenting this Thursday or Monday, now is the time to prepare.

3. Schedules are due this Wednesday in the counseling office by 2:16. If you're taking A.P. Language, make sure I sign your schedule.

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