Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Perfect Life: April 14, 2016

Focus: Is a perfect life a happy life?

1. Warming up with a preview of The Truman Show  (click HERE for a trailer): Look back to yesterday's statements on the blog...try to reply to one with a possible connection to this film

Ex: AndrewJ2018April 12, 2016 at 6:47 AM
Bradbury uses the symbols of burning and the hound to criticize our society and the superfluous restrictions we place on literature, and to what lengths we go to "protect" our citizens.
My reply: In The Truman Show, the main character seems overly "protected" as well. Though he seems happier than Montag, his society is likely limiting his potential for happiness.

2. Explaining how to set up your notes for The Truman Show

Please start a new document called "___________ (your last name) Truman Show Notes" and place it in your F451 folder. Though I don't often grade notes, I do assess these.

This document will eventually be worth 40 points in the growth category.

Include the following categories in your notes:

a. Characters: Names, personality traits, clothes, things they say

b. Motifs/symbols: Specific objects that seem symbolic, what they might represent, and how they change throughout the film

c. Questions: Level 1, 2, and 3 questions; try to answer them at the end of the film

d. Connections to Fahrenheit 451: Be specific and original (these will form the backbone of your essay)

3. Starting The Truman Show

1. Check Infinite Campus for Round 3 of your reading journal grades; if you're handwriting, make sure you bring them to class each day until I check them.

2. If you're giving your presentation tomorrow (April 15), make sure you are prepared.

3. Schedules are due Wednesday, April 27th by 2:16 pm in the counseling office. If you turn in your schedule late, you will be last in arena scheduling. Don't be that guy!

4. Click here for next week's testing schedule.

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