Thursday, April 28, 2016

Exploring Our Society's Past: April 28, 2016

Focus: How do we start creating our mockumentaries?

1. Warming up. Testing your topic by brainstorming its history: The How/Why Chart

Pencils vs. cell phones

Aim to finish this step in class today, and show me so that I can give you credit on your rubric and get you started on your annotated research.

2. Exploring the overview of the mockumentary

3. Starting on your annotated research if time allows; click HERE for an example of annotated research  (keep the C.R.A.P. test in mind)

4. Asking any last-minute questions you have about tomorrow's timed writing

1. Make sure your laptop is charged, your outline is ready, and you're ready to write your last essay as an English 10 scholar.

2. On Monday, May 2, please meet in the Forum for MAP testing.

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