Friday, April 15, 2016

What Does It Mean To Be a True Man? April 15, 2016

Focus: Is a perfect life a happy life?

1. Warming up with a round of banned book presentations

2. Sharing the best of your notes from The Truman Show

Please start a new document called "___________ (your last name) Truman Show Notes" and place it in your F451 folder. Though I don't often grade notes, I do assess these.

This document will eventually be worth 40 points in the growth category.

Include the following categories in your notes:

a. Characters: Names, personality traits, clothes, things they say

b. Motifs/symbols: Specific objects that seem symbolic, what they might represent, and how they change throughout the film

c. Questions: Level 1, 2, and 3 questions; try to answer them at the end of the film

d. Connections to Fahrenheit 451: Be specific and original (these will form the backbone of your essay)

3. Watching and analyzing The Truman Show: What does Truman want? What's in his way?

1. Check Infinite Campus for Round 3 of your reading journal grades; if you're handwriting, make sure you bring them to class each day until I check them.

2. If you're giving your presentation next Friday, April 22, make sure you are prepared.

3. Schedules are due Wednesday, April 27th by 2:16 pm in the counseling office. If you turn in your schedule late, you will be last in arena scheduling. Don't be that guy!

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