Monday, April 18, 2016

How's It Going To End? April 18, 2016


1. Warming up with your Level 1 and 2 questions about The Truman Show

2. Finishing The Truman Show and focusing on the following in your notes:

This document will eventually be worth 40 points in the growth category.

Include the following categories in your notes:

a. Characters: Names, personality traits, clothes, things they say

b. Motifs/symbols: Specific objects that seem symbolic, what they might represent, and how they change throughout the film

c. Questions: Level 1, 2, and 3 questions; try to answer them at the end of the film

d. Connections to Fahrenheit 451: Be specific and original (these will form the backbone of your essay)

3. If time allows, analyzing the film with your grid groups

Topic #1: What specific moments from the ending of the film seemed most important to you? What do you think they meant?

Topic #2: What were the most important symbols and motifs? What larger patterns did they form? And/or, what did you think about the characters' names, especially "Truman" and "Christoff"?

Topic #3: Peter Weir is the director of this film. What big questions do you think Weir wants us to be talking about after watching this film?

1. Check Infinite Campus for grades (fishbowl, Truman Show notes, journals); if you're handwriting, make sure you bring your sticky notes/journals to class each day until I check them.

2. If you're giving your presentation this Friday, April 22, make sure you are prepared.

3. Schedules are due Wednesday, April 27th by 2:16 pm in the counseling office. If you turn in your schedule late, you will be last in arena scheduling. Don't be that guy!

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