Monday, April 11, 2016

Taking the "Real" Out of Reality: April 11, 2016

Focus: What aspects of our society is Bradbury warning us about?

1. Warming up: Reading two opposing articles that may challenge the way you think about reality TV

Why Reality TV Is Good for Us (Times)

Why America Loves Reality TV (Psychology Today)

2. Viewing a quick clip on The Hunger Games and how "reality" TV affects our lives

3. Brainstorming a few concepts together...

Topic #1: What is reality TV? What types/genres of reality TV have you noticed?

Topic #2: To what extent is reality TV real, and to what extent is it fake?

Topic #3:  Why do you think reality TV has become so popular? Why do we watch it?

Topic #4: In Fahrenheit 451, how does TV fictionalize the end of Montag's chase? (Starts on page 133)  Why?

For ideas, please peruse this article on reality TV.

4. Reading the ending of F451 and considering Ray Bradbury's take on reality

1. Finish F451 and your reading journals for tomorrow's final fishbowl discussion.

2. If you're giving your speech this Friday, April 15, now is the time to prepare.

3. Meet in the Forum this Wednesday, April 13. Bring your scheduling questions.

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