Friday, April 8, 2016

How Will It End? April 8, 2016

Focus: How does it end, and why does it end this way?

1. Warming up with your PSAT packets and an announcement about 5-day-a-week American Lit

2. Enjoying a round of banned book persuasive speeches

3. Delving into the final section of F451; remember to finish the book and your journal/annotations by next Tuesday to prepare for our final fishbowl discussion (note: this is your final reading assignment of the year)

4. Reminder: If you have any last minute make-up work from the last 6 weeks, today is your final day to get it to me. Feel free to use your reading time to take care of this first.

1. Please finish the book and your reading journals/annotations by next Tuesday. Remember that you do NOT need to read the Afterword or the Coda.

2. If you're giving your presentation next Friday, April 15, now is the time to prepare.

3. ANY MAKEUP WORK/REVISIONS FROM THE LAST SIX WEEKS ARE DUE TODAY. THIS INCLUDES MISSED FISHBOWLS. If you have any grades that need to be fixed, please e-mail me.

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